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What size tent do I need?

Determining what size tents you will need depends on what seating style you want. The general rule of thumb is to multiply guest count by 10. Example 40 guests X 10= 400 Sqft. We would recommend a 20′ X 20′ tent for this guest count. You can use the guide below. Also remember you will need larger tents if you will have a DJ, dance floor, buffet tables, lighting etc.Tent Seating

How much does a wedding tent cost?

Our high peak white tents run $300-$900. This rate does NOT include tables or chairs. Other factors will increase the cost such as tent walls, heating or special anchoring.
Tent rentals in Medina

What should I consider when renting a tent for a wedding reception?

Once you decide what tent will work best for your wedding, you should consider other necessary items to make your event complete.
-Tables and Chairs
-Dance Floor
-Linens and Napkins
Also you will want to consider temperature control, restroom access and parking.
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