Slip N Slide Combo
Slip N Slide Combo

Slip N Slide Combo


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Product Information:

This inflatable offers the fun and wild entertainment of a traditional slip-n-slide with the additional thrill of a 10-foot vertical slide. 

A classic childhood summer favorite but LARGER. Race down the Slip-N-Slide lane to a 10 foot Vertical Slide. A misting system keeps the lanes wet at all times. This is great for kids and adults!! Childhood Nostalgia! Slip and Slide down on a elevated lane no more worry of sliding down rough terrain and scratching or injuring bellies. Elevated 2 feet above ground on a pillow of AIR!!

For the thrills and wet fun you’ve been craving, this industrial grade inflatable slip and slide unit can’t be beat. Inflatable arches over the tops of the slide lanes adds extra support and stability. At the end of the lanes, a huge splash zone awaits for cooling enjoyment at outdoor parties and events. Slip and slide to your heart’s content for hours to come!

WELL WATER is not an acceptable water source and you will be charged an additional cleaning fee if used! You must provide a water hose long enough in length to reach the setup area of the inflatable.

Professional delivery to Akron, OH, Cleveland, OH, Medina, OH and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

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    WELL WATER is not an acceptable water source and you will be charged an additional cleaning fee if used! You must provide a water hose long enough in length to reach the setup area of the inflatable.