Q. What is the rental time frame?

A. The rental is based on an 8 hour day.  However, it does depend on when your party starts.  We try and have the units picked up before dark or the following morning.

Q. How many kids can play at the same time?

A. The number of riders depends on the size and age of the riders. When we setup we will go over the amount of recommended riders for that specific unit. For example if you are having a party with a group of kids ranging in age from 5-6 and you rent a classic bounce, you could have about 6-7 riders at a time.

Q. When is payment due?

A. A 25% deposit is required in order to reserve. To cancel or reschedule, sufficient notice must be given – at least 48 hours prior to start of your event. Cancellation of event with less than 48 hour notice forfeits entire deposit. Cancellation after set-up has begun forfeits any refund. The deposit should be made through the reservation page. Final payment is due the Wednesday before your event.

Q. Whats your weather policy?

A. Inflatables cannot be used if there are winds of 20 mph (15 mph for some items) or more, and cannot be used in the rain. It would not be safe for the children. The morning of your event, we monitor the weather using www.weather.com. If there is a 60% chance or more for rain or a prediction of winds 20mph or above, during the time of your event, you may decide to cancel the day of your event. However, if the forecast is calling for scattered showers, we recommend you continue with your scheduled delivery. If the forecast is for continuous rain throughout the day, we recommend you cancel or reschedule your event. If you decide to cancel your event, it must be prior to delivery. You will be able to get a refund of your deposit/amount paid, or it may be applied to your future rental. You MUST call us before 7am, the morning of your event, to cancel and to receive your refund/credit. Please note, we MUST keep safety in mind at all times, so Party Favor Event Rentals reserves the right to cancel your rental due to inclement weather at any time.

Q. Where can we set the Bouncer up?

A. The bounce can be setup in either public or private settings. The unit should be set up on flat ground in order to operate safely. The best location would be an open, grassy location approximately 18’ x 18’ depending on the size of the unit that you have.  No power lines may be hanging above the setup area. We can also set up a bouncer on asphalt, concrete, or dirt for an additional charge. The bouncer may also be setup inside but there needs to be at least a 16′ ceiling clearance and floor of about 20’x20′ for a 15×15 unit. Please let us know the location of the bounce when reserving due to different anchoring requirements. The location also must be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet otherwise a portable generator will be required. Please note that the outlet used should be a GFCI 110V outlet only.

Q. How long does it take to setup the Bouncer?

A. We ask for a 30-45 minute setup window. Setting up the bouncer does not take long however, we do require a safety inspection as well as and informational overview of the rules and operation with the operator before each event to insure a fun and safe time.

Q. What areas are included in the free delivery?

A. We provide free delivery to addresses within 15 miles of 44256.